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ShapeShift AG Announces Acquisition of Bitfract

The multi-crypto asset tool is the only platform in the world that allows users to trade one asset to multiple in one transaction

Zug, Switzerland (Aug. 8, 2018) — ShapeShift AG, one of the world’s leading blockchain asset companies, today announced the acquisition of Bitfract, an Austin-based software firm that built the only tool in the world that allows users to trade bitcoin into dozens of digital assets in a single transaction.

“The Bitfract team made expert use of ShapeShift’s open API to build a product that we ourselves were planning to build,” said Erik Voorhees, Founder and CEO of ShapeShift. “This demonstrated a great alignment of strategy and thinking, and their execution was so exceptional that we wanted to bring their talented team and technology on board.”

The Bitfract tool was built to make it safer and easier for average users to gain exposure to diversified digital asset portfolios. Users can rebalance their portfolio without the need for multiple transactions (saving time and fees), simply by choosing their assets and allocation percentages, inputting the destination wallet addresses, and sending bitcoin. The requested digital assets are then delivered to the user.  

“Out of all of the companies and exchanges in crypto, ShapeShift has always aligned most closely with our mission and values,” said Willy Ogorzaly, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitfract. “When Erik asked if we wanted to join ShapeShift, the answer was immediately yes. We believe in a decentralized future where individuals freely control their digital wealth, and our team is honored to work alongside Erik and everyone at ShapeShift to make this a reality.”

With this acquisition, ShapeShift further extends its reach into the blockchain industry and lays the foundation to expand its offerings. Following the sale, the Bitfract tool will be maintained and continue to operate as a demonstration of the power of ShapeShift’s open API. The functionality that the Bitfract platform provides of “multiple output transactions” will be incorporated into ShapeShift’s core platform in the near future.

About ShapeShift:

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